Welcome to the Khushwant Singh Literary Festival

Thanks – 2013


  •   an expression of gratitude:festivals were held to give thanks for the harvesta letter of thanks
  •   another way of saying thank you.thanks for being so helpfulmany thanks
  •   Where do we begin? Our first words of gratitude go to Brigadier Gogi Reddy and his able team, to the Kasauli Cantonment and the local military authorities; to the Executive Committee, Secretary and Staff of the Kasauli Club. Equally important, each one of our SPONSORS and our AUTHORS without whom there would have been no festival. And our ENTERTAINERS without whom there would be no fun.Your enjoyment this weekend is solely due to their support.

With a lot of help from:

Anand Sethi
Anshu Khanna
Ashok Chopra
Bharati Thakore
Brigadier Gogi Reddy
Brotin Banerjee
C/O Deepak
Captain A J Singh
Chandan Bhullar
Col Devender Singh
Col Devender Singh, Club Secretary
Deepa Raghavan
Dilip Thakore
Full Circle Team with Poonam Malhotra
Geeta Gopalkrishnan
General Kamal Davar
Goodword Media
Harinder Singh
Hohoi Vaiphei
Jagmohan Bhanot
Karan Bir Sidhu
Kishie Singh
Lila Kutty
Mahi Mehra
Malavika Sangghavi
Malvika Singh
Mamta Mishra
Naazneen Karmali
Nina Singh
Pooja Virmani
Punam Sidhu
Purshottam Dhir
Rajeeb Dash
Rajesh Dogar
Rajiv Ranjan Tiwari
Ravi Singh
Rishma Gill
Robin Gupta
Rupsha Ghosh
Sam Nambiar
Shardul Ghogale
Surekha Ghogale
Varun Kathuria
Vijai Vardhan



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