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Media 2018


Khushwant Singh Literary Festival, set to begin on October 12, will highlight the cause of women empowerment – Gateway Litfest 11 Oct 2018

Khushwant Singh Lit Fest to kick off on October 12 in Kasauli – HT 11 Oct 2018

Opening Session: Remembering Khushwant Singh, the enigma – HT 12 Oct 2018

Literary fest panelists to discuss topics dear to Khushwant .. – TOI 12 Oct 2018

Kasauli welcomes literary vibes yet again – Dailypost 12 Oct 2018


At Khushwant Singh Literary Festival, speakers back #MeToo, demand punishment for wrongdoers – Indian Express 13 Oct 2018

Mani Shankar Aiyar, Karan Thapar play the devil’s advocate at Khushwant Singh Lit Fest – South Asians 13 Oct 2018

Sidhu says he is more comfortable in Pakistan than south India, sparks a row – The Week 13 Oct 2018

Will not only hug but kiss General Bajwa if Kartarpur Corridor is opened: Navjot Singh Sidhu – Indiatoday 14 Oct 2018

Navjot Sidhu says he will kiss Pakistan Army chief if Kartarpur Corridor is opened – News X 14 Oct 2018

Navjot Singh Sidhu can relate more with Pakistan than South India – Deccan Chronicle 14 Oct 2018

One of the fundamental things about Hinduism is that there are no fundamentals: Shashi Tharoor – Indian Express 14 Oct 2018

Of Hindutva, gyaan yoga, Tharoorism at Kasauli Lit Fest 2018 – HT – 14 Oct 2018

Khushwant Singh Lit Fest 2018: ‘Videshinis’ who adored India – HT – 14 Oct 2018

Cross Border Ashes – The Tribune Chandigarh, 14 Oct 2018

The stole that stole the show – The Tribune – 15 Oct 2018

Not Cong spokesperson: Shashi Tharoor after ‘good Hindu’ remark kicks up row – Thestatesman 15 Oct 2018 

History unfurls –The Tribune – 15 Oct 2018

Blossoms students participated in Khushwant Singh Literary Fest – Royalpatiala – 15 Oct 2018

‘Misquoted’ by media, BJP on Ram Temple, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor fuels controversy – The Prints 16 Oct 2018

Shashi Tharoor clarifies comment on ‘good Hindus’ not wanting Ram temple, claims ‘malicious distortion of words’ – First Post 16 Oct 2018

Indian political leaders can’t handle absolute power: Mark Tully – Dailypost

Waste not your tears on him, he was a sod : Rahul Singh – Dailypost

Patiala Peg | Recalling Khushwant’s Kasauli in difficult times

Daily Post Editor Ajay Bhardwaj having an interactive session with Khushwant Singh’s son, Rahul Singh

Daily Post Editor, Ajay Bhardwaj has an interactive one to one session with Lt Gen retd Kamal Davar on day one of Khuswant Singh Literary Festival at Kasauli.

Eminent film director Sayeed Mirza one to one interview with Daily Post Editor


इस बार स्ट्रैंथ ऑफ ए नारी होगा लिटफेस्ट का थीम, कसौली में जुटेंगी नामी हस्तियां – Punjabkesari 11 Oct 2018

‘मैं तेनु फिर मिलांगी’ के साथ खुशवंत सिंह लिट फेस्ट खत्म – 12 Oct 2018

देश की जानी-मानी लेखक अमृता प्रीतम की इस कविता के साथ संपन्न हुआ खुशवंत सिंह लिटफेस्ट – Punjabkesari – 14 Oct 2018

ट्रिपल तलाक नाम की चीज है ही नहीं, इसके लिए सजा देना समझदारी नहीं- सलमान खुर्शीद – Eenaduindia – 14 Oct 2018

फिल्म निर्देशक सईद मिर्जा बोले- मंदिर बने या मस्जिद देश की दशा नहीं बदलेगी-  Amarujala – 15 Oct 2018






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