Welcome to the Khushwant Singh Litfest Kasauli | Oct 09-11, 2020

Thanks 2018

I write to thank you for one of the best organised of all the literary festivals that I have attended with a most enthusiastic audience. I not only signed an unbelievable number of 130 copies of my books (including 70 of the new book on kama that ran out on the second day.) I am sorry I was unable to come to some of the evening events as I was fighting a deadline for an article.


I want to thank you for one of the best conversations I have had on my book. You really have the talent and humility to bring out the best in the other person.It’s a gift. As I told Niloufer, a number of people came up to me to say that it is one of the best sessions they have attended and I told them that it had a lot to do with the skilfully quiet way you steered the conversation. Once again, thank you, and I hope we shall meet again soon.


Gurcharan (Das)

The LitFest was a wonderful experience for me, especially because of the thoughtful curation of the vast array of topics and fine selection of speakers and discussants. It was great to talk to the participants, also outside the sessions. And last but not least, the arrangements and organisation was so carefully done, that everybody felt so welcome and at home in Kasauli. It was a memorable event for me, and my thanks go to both of you.

After my presentation, when I came back to Naman’s house, I saw this beautifully coloured caterpillar crawling in my room. On my paper, I carried it into the garden, where Naman took a small video: I am forwarding this as a small memento to the beautiful surroundings of the hills.

Again, many thanks and warm regards,

Jutta (Jain-Neubauer)

 I want to thank you for organising such a stimulating three days that has brought out the best of Kasauli and the season for me. This was unlike every other literature festival I’ve spoken at. It had a certain urgency and topicality. It was great to be amongst non-fiction writers and somehow… it all just felt so relevant.

Thank you for the invitation. 

With my very best wishes,

Naman (Ahuja)

Both Suneet and I had a fascinating time in Kasauli. Please accept our congratulations on an exceptionally well-organized Lit Fest. I am glad Suneet is a Trustee for this has enabled  me to  attend each of your Lit. Fests, and will have the pleasure of attending all the ones to come.

Although I am only the spouse of the Trustee, that will give me the opportunity of attending and contributing to  many more such wonderful, informative and enjoyable events

With much affection,

Mani (Shankar Aiyar)

Thank you for inviting me for the Lit Fest, which went off extremely well, thanks to your and Noloufer’s efforts. I am sure it will grow further year after year. I hope I was able to make some contribution to it.

Do let me know if I can be of any use at this end.

My wife, Bittu, also joins me in thanking you and Niloufer.

Warm regards. Kanwar (Sandhu)

I would like to thank you both for inviting me to the Khushwant Singh Lit Fest in Kasauli. I have returned charged by the invigorating weather, the inspiring discussions, the variety of subjects in the presentations which offered food for reflection and thought. Above all I appreciate the excellent arrangements made and the intimate atmosphere of the Fest which allowed all to mingle and share ideas over a glass of wine and delectable snacks. 

With warm regards,

Reba Som

Congratulations on a wonderful festival.  The warmth and bonhomie that you and Rahul helped nurture was very special. I came away feeling intellectually enriched and connected to both of you and some wonderful new friends.

Please do let us stay in touch!

Warmest regards


I can’t believe it is already more than a week since we returned from The Kasauli Literary Fest. I’m still basking the wonderful memories of the three days we spent there.


On behalf of Saeed and myself, I’d like to thank You both for inviting us to this special event. Saeed at least contributed as a speaker, but for me, it was all receiving without any reciprocity in terms of contributing in anyway to the intellectual inputs of the programme. I just revelled in attending as many sessions as I could. And enjoyed the rest of my time in the charming hill station.


I would like to add that I really appreciated the structure of the programme. Short sessions, where we got the flavour of the books being discussed and the authors’ views on it and the world … so we could then rush off to the conveniently located Full Circle bookshop and buy the ones we liked — on the spot!


I want to add that the choice of writers/moderators left nothing wanting. It  was especially heartening to meet up with the younger generation of writers /scholars and social activists: Ira Mukhoty, Manu Nair,  Tara Deshpande Tennenbaum, Naman Ahuja, Masuma Ranalvi, Sanjoy Hazarika, Nivedita Menon. Quite a line-up!


And for me the surprises of the fest were Dr Anirudh Kala for his deep compassion, Reba Som for her fine scholarship, Navjot Singh Siddhu for his inspirational presentation and, last but not least, Wendell Rodericks, who even people in Goa tend to write off as a fashion-freak. What amazing work he is doing in the areas of forest regeneration, work with the differently abled and even in his field of fashion, promoting indian fabrics and styles of dressing!


And how could I end without thanking you for giving us the opportunity to spend quality time in the peaceful and tranquil location of the club and our hotel with old friends and new : Bhaichand Patel, Jeroo Mango, Maja Daruwala, Seema Mustafa, Syeda Hameed, Desmond Nazareth, Rajiv Mehta. I must complete the list with a special mention of Bikram Grewal, who “adopted” us for,the period of the fest, kept an eye on the cars leaving for the location/hotel so we would not have to wait too long for one… and even took some of us shopping to stock up on locally made wine, jam and apricot oil. Will never forget his kindness.


So as you can see we had such a,marvellous three days, that the flavour of Kasauli is still to leave me. I am sure email-phobic Saeed will agree with what I have said.


With warm regards…and hopes that we meet up in Mumbai or Goa soon

Jennifer (and Saeed Mirza)

I’m so sorry we rushed away yesterday! Pending a proper thank you card, I just wanted to say what a totally wonderful time I had and to apologise for not saying a proper good bye. Please could I have a postal address for you both so I can send my cards? 


Thank you both for all your amazing hospitality.


Very best wishes,

Marina  (Wheeler)

Got back safe and sound, tired but happy. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful festival. It was so well curated,  a delight to listen to the various speakers, individually and on the panels. 

I really appreciate this opportunity to speak a little bit about my part of the world, too. Also, you took very good care of us. The final dinner, especially, was so lovely …going to KS’s house was a pilgrimage for me. 

Thank you, and wishing you a very happy Puja. May Ma Durga’s blessings be showered on you and yours, now and always. 

Warmly, Mitra Phukan. 

You have beaten me to it as yesterday I sat down to send you Season’s Greetings and then got distracted by 

something else.  Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be a part of your literature festival. It was so 

kind of you to notice an unknown nonentity. I feel a great connect because I constantly read Khushwant Singh’s

translations of hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib.


Your programme has been copied by so many- Amritsar, Dehradun, Apeejay Kolkata. They have all taken your

themes.  I wish you and Rahul all the very best in 2019.

Warmly, Reena



Just wanted to tell you that by an interesting coincidence, the day and time that you were having the first session of the Khushwant Singh Lit Fest, profiling him, was exactly the time (and I am being literal here – 11.30) was when I started teaching Train to Pakistan to a bunch of English Honours students in Shoolini University, near Solan. I teach there once a week, every Friday.


I told that them that even as we speak, they are talking about a great man on the other side of the hill. The tragedy was that these students had never heard of him, had never heard of the novel and had no idea of the kind of riots that had taken place in 1947! I hope that they will have read the book by this Friday and be a little wiser.


Of course, I am reading it yet again. And, in the meantime, since I cannot say this to the author himself, I have to say this to you that he wrote a masterpiece and one does miss his presence and his perspective on this world.



Neel Kamal

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and to be a part of the amazing Khushwant Singh Lit Fest in Kasauli.

It was an honour sharing my story and my campaign against FGM with the esteemed panel and an amazing audience.

I recieved such an overwhelming support and encouragement from so many members of the audience. 

I so thoroughly enjoyed every session and every discussion on a varied number of topics. It was indeed very stimulating.


I want to thank for giving me this opportunity . I really do hope i can come for the future festivals.



Masooma Ranalvi

This is to convey my heart-felt thanks to you that you provided an opportunity to present my book at the KSLF, Kasauli.

It was a great idea to have a panel of distinguished scholars on the subject of biodiversity conservation at the Great Himalayan National Park which is the subject matter of my book. 


The exposure at the KSLF will certainly help conserve the biodiversity of the Park, now a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. I will send you a copy of my book which is expected to be printed by the end of this year. 


Thanks for your fore-sightedness on this subject and inviting me at the Festival. 


Please convey our thanks to Mr Rahul Singh for his gracious presence at the moment of my presentation.


Many regards for both of you,

Sanjeeva and Anita  (Pandey)

Thank you so much for having me at Kasauli. It was a real pleasure being there and a real treat meeting you ! 

Congratulations on a spectacular show…I particularly enjoyed the intimacy of the festival structure and the enthusiasm of the audience….quite special to this festival. 


Warm regards,

Jahnavi (Baruah)

What a brilliant festival! I feel so blessed to be a part of the audience.

All the best.

Jamini (Ahluwalia)

This is to congratulate you and Rahul and the rest of your team for the great success of the just concluded KSLF. It was very well organised event and done in a grand manner. The quality of the discussions was indeed of a very high order. The wide variety of subjects covered ensured that one was kept riveted. Met some interesting people too.


This is also to thank you for having invited me and making me a part of the KSLF.


Wish you and Rahul all the best for the future and for organising many more such memorable events.



Congratulations on a splendid KSLF. Everything was so well organised and the speakers chosen on a variety of subjects so that it held our interest  and we learnt a lot. For instance I only thought of Wendell Rodericks as a designer and I marvel at all the things he has undertaken Also the evenings were so interesting and enjoyable. 

Thank you so much for remembering me and inviting me. 

I am now in Simla staying with my niece and her husband who have a beautiful home before going to Delhi to take part in the National Masters Bridge tournament. 

When I am back and it cools down in Bombay you must come to Juhu. 

Warmest wishes

Jeroo (Mango)

Many thanks for inviting me to the Lit fest. I had a great time and wonderful interactions.  It has really stimulated me to pen down the stories which my publisher has been after me for a long time.


I think we did manage to trigger a lot of interest in the audience too about Iyengar Yoga.. And this in a crowd which defines the world.

Thanks once again and see you soon.


Rajvi (Mehta)

It was indeed a delight meeting you and being there at th KSLF -18. I must say, I could gather good much in my ‘take away’ from the fest. 


As for my daughter Aditi, it was an honour and she was previleged, happy, little nervous …yet extremely humbled being one of the co-speakers. We thank you whole heartedly for inviting her in this prestigious event.


I am extremely sorry for not being able to meet you today, as we had to leave for the airport. And yesterday afternoon we took some time for a trail of this beautiful place of kasauli.


Heartiest congratulations to you and  team KSLF for a wonderful event organized. All the very best for many more to come! 


Lets keep-up our friendship ahead! If in case you happen to visit Hyderabad, do visit my place, and I will be more than happy to host you. 😊


Warm Regards,


Once again we loved being at the KSLF. It is our favourite litfest. We thought it all went very well and that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you especially for the party which was, as usual, a very jolly occasion. It’s not polite to beg for invitations but we do very much hope that we will be in Kasauli again this time next year.

Very best wishes

Mark (Tully) and Gilly (Gillian Wright)

 thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to perform at Khushwant Singh Literary Festival. It was an absolute honour to be there. Thanks for all your appreciation — the most invaluable reward for any artist.  

The sessions were beautifully curated and deeply engaging. 

My best wishes to you and your family.

Warm regards,


Trust you are doing well and basking in the success of recently concluded Lit Fest. 

You were on toes throughout and definitely need to relax after a successful 3 day event. 
At the outset, my heartiest congratulations for taking the Lit Fest to another benchmark this year.
At the same time, a whale of thanks for allowing us to be the part of this eventful, interactive and thoughtful literary event. 
The team had a fun filled interaction with the likes of Shashi Tharoor, Navjot Sidhu, and many more. The bevy of authors, writers and noted personalities made the ambience perfect for any deliberation. 
I, on behalf of the team and school take this opportunity to extend compliments to Ms Lila Kitty, Ms Rachna and young volunteers who did a tiring job..! 
We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Hope to see you next year with much more zeal and knowledgable and fun filled sessions …! 

Warm Regards 

Dr (Ms) Parneet 
The Punjab Public School