The Khushwant Singh Literary Festival is a labor of love. And a festival with a purpose. To promote the legacy of Khushwant Singh (KS), author, scholar, journalist and iconoclast, by discussing the values he stood for, and addressing his concerns. Some of which are equal opportunities for women worldwide; the preservation of the environment; Indo-Pakistan friendship; and disseminating the values of democracy, tolerance, compassion in a world that is increasingly more polarised. KSLF is a meeting of minds to celebrate ideas that can change the lives of all connected with these issues. KSLF is also dedicated to the Indian soldier. Khushwant Singh had a deep and abiding love for the country, with its amazing diversity of faiths, languages and cultures, all of which we try and reflect in the KSLF.  

KSLF is organised entirely by volunteers. And friends of Khushwant Singh and the organisers who contribute in money and kind. Every donation goes a long way in creating a world with values.

Over the years, the KSLF has been able to attract a galaxy of authors, thinkers and celebrities. Starting with just a couple of hundred, the audience has increased to over 1,000 a session, coming from all over India, even from abroad. KSLF has put Kasauli on the literary map of the country.

This year has been very tough on funding, with the calamities in the region. We hope the festival will bring the tourists back into Himachal, which is up and running again. We also hope our dedicated audience, our speakers, and our friends will help us crowdfund the festival.

May we, therefore, appeal to  donate whatever you can, however small, to the not-for-profit Khushwant Singh Foundation. Donations, which are tax-free under Section 80G, will be acknowledged.

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Cheques / Drafts can be sent in Indian Rupees in the name of ‘The Khushwant Singh Foundation’ to: THE KHUSHWANT SINGH FOUNDATION, A-3, Chirag Enclave, New Delhi – 110048

Direct Transfer to

‘The Khushwant Singh Foundation’ HDFC Bank Ltd., Mayur Vihar – III, Kondli, Gharoli New Delhi – 110096

IFSC HDFC0000921 | ACC. No. 09217620000068

KSLF is a non profit that supports the girl child, ecology of Kasauli and the Great Indian Soldier.

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