We at KSLF believe that transformational change cannot happen unless each individual does their bit. We hope the last 2 years have woken the world to the urgency of putting climate at the top of the agenda. We all want a safer future for our children.

In keeping with Khushwant Singh’s concerns for a green planet and his abiding interest in nature, have planted a tree for each of the speakers at our festivals. We have been doing this since inception, 10 years ago, in partnership with

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children, says a wise American proverb. We hope we can leave a better world for them.

‘Trees for Hanguls’ is an effort to preserve the natural habitat of the critically endangered Hangul, (Red Deer), a species indigenous to Kashmir.

The Hangul dwindling population has only recently seen a marginal rise owing to the #DachigamNationalPark strict restrictions put in place to ‘rewild’ and create conditions for nature to thrive. The park remains closed to visitors. Creating this peaceful environment has been vital to the survival of the extremely shy and exceedingly poor at reproducing Hangul.

Planting trees for speakers at each festival is central to KSLF’s ethos of supporting ecosystems and it’s commitment to ecology.

Vikram Seth Acrostic