As the world gears up for COP 26 next weekend, we at KSLF believe that transformational change cannot happen unless each individual does their bit. We hope the last 2 years have woken the world to the urgency of putting climate at the top of the agenda. We all want a safer future for our children.

In keeping with Khushwant Singh’s concerns for a green planet and his abiding interest in nature, grow-trees.com have planted a tree for each one of our speakers at our festival. We have been doing this since inception, 10 years ago, in partnership with grow-trees.com.

KSLF Kasauli and London operate as nonprofits, with the help of sponsors and crowdfunding on our websites. Any surplus is directed to ecology and education of the girl child.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children, says a wise American proverb. We hope we can leave a better world for them.

Vikram Seth Acrostic