Success Story of Govt. High School Ganol Distt Solan HP

History and problem overview Govt.

High School Ganol established in1999 is situated near world fame hill station Kasauli and is among the fascinating mosaic of mild Hills covered with pine trees. Majority of the people around the school are from rural background and most of them are agriculturists. The wards of these villagers, who joins our institution are basically hindi language learners and are from low economic backgrounds. Some of the middle class residents of the area send their wards to a private English Medium school situated at a distance of 5 Km. whose fee structure is affordable to them. There is another Govt. run Middle School at a distance of approximately one and half Km. from our school. Though the above mentioned two factors reduced the strength of the pupils in the school drastically, yet there has been an upsurge in people’s tendency to educate their wards in English Medium school, irrespective of their educational and economic status.

But above all, poor learning outcomes and distinction between English Medium versus Hindi Medium learners that created an inferiority complex among the pupils studying in our school, were a matter of serious concern for the school administration.

All these led to rethink on the part of school administration what to do and how to do to improve academic standards and wash away the inferiority complex among the students in the school despite the fact that every facility is provided in the school under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan by the HP State Govt.

New Programs / Activity Description – Implementation

  1. Introduction of English Medium: The schoolauthority introduced English as medium of instructions in all the subjects w.e.f the academic year 2011, with full support of teachers, School Management Committee (SMC) and community of surrounded villages.
  2. Introduction of new Uniform : The school adopted a new set of uniform as Grey trousers, light sky blue shirt, tie, belt and navy blue cardigan (Monday to Friday) and white trousers, white shirt (on Saturday) for all pupils in the school. Note : The school is making wise use of Atal Uniforms provided by the State Govt.
  3. Introduction of a new motivating pledge in the morning assembly : The pledge is as under:“Today, I will do my best, to be the best. I will listen, I will follow directions, I will be honest, I will respect the right of others. I can learn, I will learn. I know, it is all up to me.”
  4. Complete change in teaching – leaning strategies: Teachers have changed their mindset while following teaching-learning methods in the classes. All the teaching methods are pupil friendly and (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) CCE compliant. The aim is to inculcate interest and anxiety among students to read more, learn more and ultimately lead better lives.
  5. Attention on English Subject: In addition to learning English, special stress is being given on communication skills under which children are taught how to interact in English with their peer groups. Children are made familiar with new terms and expressions in English.
  6. Special attention in Science and Mathematics: The teaching learning process in Maths and Science has gone under complete overhaul. The new strategy is an attempt to mould the children of today into creative and better citizen or tomorrow. Our program attempts to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Computerized worksheets in Mathematics on topics like decimal addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, writing ratios, linear equations, polynomials, solid figure, geometry, folding cube, folding cone, math crossword puzzles and in science on topics viz. acids and alkalis, cells, health word search, part of a plant, vertebrate groups have been introduced.
  7. Important days celebrations and promoting school activities: Children are encouraged to display their talent by taking part in various celebrations and activities being held in school such as World Forest Day, World Environment Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Deepawali, Annual Day, Hand Wash Day and Thanks Giving Day.

Quotes from working staff members

“We want to unlock the pupils for holistic developments, love for mathematics and science in particular. I know that creating a change externally is easy but creating the same change internally can be more challenging but can also be more rewarding”

– Mr. Nishi Kant TGT (Non Medical)

“The programs implemented yielded desired results to my satisfaction”

– Mrs. Parveen Bala TGT (Arts)

“The credit to school success goes to proper coordination among the teachers and the ideology of the leadership”

– Mr. Ram Gopal (Shastri Retd. 31/12/2013)

“I am satisfied with the achievements attained during the last two years since the new programs implemented”

– Mr. Yograj (PET)

I am very happy that I am part of this successful school and given various platforms to conduct school program by the leadership”

– Mrs. Lata Sharma (Drawing Teacher)

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