Welcome to the Khushwant Singh Literary Festival | 22-24 Oct, 2021

Concept – 2012

A Germ of an Idea

The Khushwant Singh (KS) literary festival will bring alive diverse subjects that are of interest to him, to Kasauli and the areas around it. These include its fragile ecology, rich heritage, colonial history, and ever present military that has helped preserve one of India’s tiny hill stations. At 97 years, KS has a dream. He would like this meeting of minds to celebrate the power of ideas that can transform our lives. By raising awareness for these causes. His own interests are diverse ranging from women’s roles in society to Indo-Pak friendship. He has written the authoritative history of the Sikhs and is an atheist who knows more about religion that many of the clergy!

He would also like to dedicate the fest to the young Indian soldier. To give them opportunities to read and grow and explore their passions as KS has had and done. Kasauli has been the summer home for this noted writer for over half a century. It is here in Raj Villa that he wrote several of his newspaper columns syndicated across some twenty publications all over India, translated into 17 Indian languages,as well as a hundred and fifty novels, including works of non-fiction.

Profits from the KS literary trust will be ploughed back into preservation of Kasauli and its environs.
The fest, an annual event, is spread across the second weekend of October 12-14, 2012.
The KS litfest is conceptualized and organized by Kasauli lovers and friends of KS. Co-chaired by top international banker Anand Sethi, and CEO & MD of Hay House Publishing Ashok Sethi, the core panel includes Festival Directors Rahul Singh, journalist and editor, and Ashok Chopra; Event Director Chandan Bhullar; School Project Director, former DPS vice principal Deepa Raghavan, Media Director ‘Kishy’ Singh, and former Oberoi & TOI marketer, Niloufer Bilimoria who conceptualized the dream and then got her dream team together.


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