Welcome to the Khushwant Singh Litfest Kasauli | Oct 09-11, 2020

Testimonials 2019

Just to let you know, the Lit Fest this year was truly outstanding.  I had a great time being there.  Thank you very much for inviting me.  ~ Vishnu Som

Nicky and I really enjoyed being at the KSLF 2019. It has been an enriching experience. Thanks much. ~ Amardeep Singh
Thank you for a lovely experience. It was a pleasure to be a speaker at KSLF this year. A lot of attention to detail was given and I must say that we were looked after very well. Everything was carried out very graciously and it was an honour to be there.  Thank you so very much for having me.  ~Pooja Marwah

Hope you are enjoying some much deserved rest. I wanted to thank you for the privilege of attending and for the opportunity to interview Ashok Alexander. The festival was wonderful – stimulating but not frenzied, intimate, compact and great fun. You did a marvellous job. Thank you for the generous hospitality. ~Amrit Dhillon

Thank you for inviting me to what has proved to be a feast for the mind. The past three days have got me much new knowledge, new friends. And thank you for your hospitality.   ~Sathya

It was a wonderful three days and was happy to have been a part of such a prestigious event…you worked tirelessly and gave personal attention to every detail…even till the end when you insisted that my pic should have gone up..thank you for looking after me. Meticulously planned and executed! Much Congratulations ~Minu Talwar


Back in Bombay. A great many thanks for your hospitality and inviting us to the Lit Fest. I greatly enjoyed the entire proceedings and meeting several interesting folks. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully I Can coral a few friends and get a room at the club well in advance. ~Perky

Well done and congratulations to you and Rahul. I really enjoyed the fest , but sad to miss your dinner. I came to Amritsar and am here for three days before going back to Delhi. Let us meet there sometime. All the best and love. ~Gugu

Thanks for a well organized Litfest. Amazing.  ~Kiran Chadha

Thank you so much for all your support during the festival and invited us for the dinner party at Raj Villa. We really enjoyed the party. Thank you once again. ~Ashish Mathur, Full Circle

I want to congratulate you from the very core of my heart for having put up such a sophisticated elegant show with stunning sessions , completely captivating ones being….Dikri… you are a star.. a silent solid loving who has worked so hard to share this stupendous 3day event . I just loved it , people, food sessions , ambiance, and the cold ( more the better). Was just what I enjoy . Once again 3 cheers for you!!! Thanks Love ~Anu Behl

Just to complement you both on a lovely event, beautifully curated and efficiently managed. Many thanks for inviting me for the second year. I enjoyed the stay and the events. Thank you very much for putting me up with Meera and Suresh. Wish you both all the very best. Once again many thanks. Cheers. ~Tilak Devsher

Just a quick word of congratulation on the success of the 8th KS Litfest. It was palpable. We were able to see many f the sessions on You Tube and enjoy the quality of the presentations, albeit from a distance. And Rahul, thank you for daring to read the poem… Much love,  ~AIJAZ & SHAHNAZ

Thank you ever so much for having us over for the Littl Fest. Enjoyed myself.. every minute of it. Please convey my gratitude to Rahul too.. Look forward to meeting you both again. God willing! ~Ganesh and Abha

Heartiest congratulations for the successful conduct of this interesting and thought provoking Litfest. I followed the fabulous event on Youtube. Thank you so much for the invite, we will certainly make it next year. Warm Regards ~Col Hitesh Chopra

It is too early for you to be able to pay attention to a letter such as mine, while you are right in the midst of saints and sinners still. But, having left yesterday without so much as a word of good-bye and thanks has left me with a shade of guilt. It was wonderful to be with you and the rest at the Fest which is growing bigger by the year.  Thank you for asking me to come and present what could only have been of marginal interest in the context of the overall theme. But it was a pleasure for me and you, as always, were most gracious. Thank you for that, and more. Warmly, ~BN Goswamy

I would like to thank both of you for a truly wonderful experience at KSLitfest…as mentioned earlier and publicly as well, i found this festival to be the best litfest i have ever attended and participated in–warm, welcoming and well organised to the last detail. You made us all feel like we belonged to the Khushwant singh family and there can be no higher compliment than that ! The visit to your home was the highpoint of the festival for me personally, to see KS’ study and writing desk, it was a fitting finale to an exhilarating festival. The participants, the speakers, the fabulous hospitality every day made it an event to remember and cherish. Many thanks and my very best wishes for the festive season, happy diwali…. ~minnie

Thank Heavens for almost simultaneous and perfect live streaming managed to watch every session including morning music and loved every moment of it all. ~Poonam Ayub

Hope Diwali was good and the year brings lots of sparkle and happiness. And above all, peace in the world! Thank you so very much for inviting me to KSLF. As always it was a joy to be at this thoughtfully curated Fest in such a scenic setting. You both are simply stellar. You not only hold the Fest with courage and aplomb, but this time even had speakers like Nayantara and myself. Hats off to you and may you and KSLF shine on in the rugged and inspirational spirit of respected Mr Khushwant Singh. Many thanks again, loved being at Kasauli, Much love ~Sagarika (Ghose)