Please tell me Khushwant Singhji – Amrinder Bajaj

Please tell me Khushwant Singhji

Have you really gone or,

Played a prank on us, for,

You ring the bell of memory

Without a prior appointment.

And creep into my thoughts to

Have, imaginary chats with me;

You laugh at my naughty jokes, 

Which, as always,

Fills me with elation.

You flow with the ink of my pen

On virginal white pages and I

 Imagine you say with a chuckle

That, it is the penis and not the pen

That takes the virginity of virgins.

It is your appreciation I crave

When my musings are published,

It is your opinion I seek in matters

Private and public and wonder

How you would have reacted

To my new identity of a widow

What witticism you would have

Uttered to outrage, shock and set

Matters, in their right perspective.

-Amrinder Bajaj

Vikram Seth Acrostic